Luckiest Girl

CD Released On: Apr 08, 2008
Released By: Quango Music

release description

The dozen selections on 'Luckiest Girl' vibrantly encapsulate Rosey's goal to write jazz music while breaking the traditional rules, from the cocktail lounge grooves of "Who Am I" to the vintage throwback of "Those Eyes" to the sassy seduction of "My Love." Thematically the tunes take on a diverse swath of topics, including the music industry assessment "It's a Ruse" (which Rosey calls her word of "warning" to up and coming acts), the growth obtained from an amicable break-up throughout "I Remember," and the wedding worthy "Hand In Hand."

The generally upbeat tones throughout these delightfully delicate tunes also relate to the disc's 'Luckiest Girl' title. Aside from her professional life soaring higher than it ever has before, Rosey's in the midst of an incredibly personal peace stemming from a series of healthy relationships on all planes. As a result of that collective equilibrium, she's also more artistically confident than ever before, while the enrapturing songs more than speak for themselves.

"This CD was a wonderful evolution for me from 'Dirty Child,' as those songs masked my growing pains so well," she sums up, noting the sentiments of 'Luckiest Girl' aren't hiding a thing. "This music really helped me to come to life as an artist and a women and really be free to find my voice. And producing it was the icing on the cake. From the incredible musicians who blessed my songs to the amazing people who believed in me enough to help me make the record, I really feel like I am the 'Luckiest Girl.'"