Soulsearching 3/31/08: Kuniyuki Takahashi ''My Roots'' Mix

Online Released On: Mar 31, 2008
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A rather laid back mix by the man out of Japan this week. Kuniyuki Takahashi takin us where the sound is fantastic and the music's sweet and a bit balearic. What else do you need these days? soon out: "All These Things" on Mule Musiq, another superior sound adventure into the wonderful world of Kuniyuki. arigato !

And what can i say, diggin in my funk selections , old and new, big tunes by The Rongetz Foundation, Patchwork on the remix, Koliphones on MPM, more Badu, Nostalgia 77, Sonar Kollektiv Orchestra doin a great version of "Held Him First"- one of my alltime faves on the label, Reggae excursion with The Lions, Baby Charles superFUNK and that Sesame Street tune on Rebtuz especially for Luise and Lily plus more music taken from the rather sublime "Spiritual Jazz" compilation on Jazzman.

Now packing my record bags for...Easter Sunday 23rd, a special Live/DJ party at Sinkkasten: INRACom! & soulsearching present: Quantic Soul Orchestra live on stage! only show in Germany - doors 21h, concert 22h and then aftershow party until the early morning with Jan Hagenkoetter and myself back 2 back after a loooong time. Tropidelico!

more clubdates confirmed, listen carefully, check my dj gigs section on myspace.

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soulsearching #536

with michael ruetten

Kuniyuki Takahashi

"my roots" Inspiration

Information selection


Erykah Badu - Telephone - Motown

Nostalgia 77 - Quiet Dawn/Exemples Of Twelve Remix - Tru Thoughts

Sonar Kollektiv Orchestra - Held Him First - SK

Rare Moods & Mabe Thabejane - Slave To Time - Nanny Tango

The Koliphones - Voyage Into The Sun - MPM Test

The Lions - Jungle Struttin - Ubiquity

The Rongetz Foundation - East/Patchworks Mix - Heavenly Sweetness

Baby Charles - Treading Waters - Record Kicks

Habitual Parking Violators - One To Twelve - Rebtuz Limited

Debilrythmicos - Unknown - Test

Kuniyuki Takahashi & Henrik Schwarz - The Session/Album Piano Mix - Mule Musiq

KUNIYUKIs "my roots" Mix4soulsearchin

Santana - Eternal Caravan Of Reincarnation - CBS

Ashra - Sunrain - Virgin

Kuniyuki - The Guitar Song/Original Mix - Mule Musiq

Lyle Mays - Street Dreams 2 - Warner

Kuniyuki - Flying Music/Short Version - Mule Musiq

Wally Badarou - Hi-Life - Island

Deep Rumba - Solo Nino - American Clave

Master C&J - In The City - Trax

Tangoterje - Diamond Dubs - Supreme

Kuniyuki Takahashi - All These Things - Mule Musiq


Morris Wilson Beau Bailey Quintet - Paul's Ark - Jazzman