Surviving Freedom: Uncensored Remixes & Naughty Bits

Digital Released On: May 20, 2008
Released By: Expansion Team Records

release description

Composer, producer, programmer, performer and Grammy nominated Groove Collective drummer Genji Siraisi's 2007 album Censorsh!t: Pt.1 Bad Monkey took a post-modern (and often post-apocalyptic) stance with a mixture of downtempo grooves, glitch-hop, ambient textures and minimal dancefloor tracks, all seamlessly blended into a bold and cinematic journey.

What started as a simple remix project for Censorsh!t grew into a massive 12 track release which times out at an hour and twenty minutes. Surviving Freedom: Uncensored Remixes & Naughty Bits features new mixes, remixes and interpretations from Balún, no luck club, Q-Burns Abstract Message, Alex Moulton, and Pushtobreak (Genji Siraisi's alter ego), plus a brand new exclusive track from Genji & live-sets of Pushtobreak mixes.

"I'll never forget the rehearsal when Genji confided his new drum theory to me," says Genji's former bandmate and one of the remixers on the album, Alex Moulton. "He said something like, 'Instead of putting the "One" at the beginning of every bar, why can't every beat be the "One"? Then you could play any crazy fill you wanted, One, One, One, One...' The idea seemed both ground-breaking and ludicrous. I didn't fully grasp it until years later when I heard the demos for Censorsh!t. Genji's style is truly a demonstration of his theory. When you see him live, under his name or as Pushtobreak, you'll get a whole new understanding of what it is to be a drummer in the 21st Century."