Live At The Royal Albert Hall

CD Released On: Apr 22, 2008
Released By: Domino Recording Company

release description

On this masterpiece of a live album, Jason Swinscoe's The Cinematic Orchestra performs standout songs from its repertoire, including the achingly beautiful "To Build A Home" and "Breathe" from 2007's Ma Fleur. From lush, full-bodied movements to stark solos and vocal virtuosos, Live At The Royal Albert Hall is how The Cinematic Orchestra is meant to be experienced.

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"After almost a decade of genre-defying releases, Jason Swinscoe and co continue to resist the Fast Show's "Jazzzz" stigma, mainly by throwing soul, films scores and electronica into the mix. Backed by a 24-piece orchestra and joined by guests including Lou Rhodes (for the sombre "Time and Space"). . . this confirms the group remain cinematic by nature and name." ****" — UNCUT

"Playing London's 4000-seater Royal Albert Hall is hardly like doing a gig at a festival or club. But these days it's one of the few venues that can genuinely do justice to the sheer scale and splendor of what The Cinematic Orchestra have become. Recorded last November when they were joined by the 24-piece Heritage Orchestra onstage, this live album captures them at the height of their powers. From the opener "All That You Give" to the climatic "Time and Space," these tracks build into a symphony as vast and ornate as the Hall itself, yet still manage to capture the most intimate of emotions within their expansive grace." *****" — DJ