Time Traveller

CD Released On: May 13, 2008
Released By: Decon Records

release description

Jack Splash is a time traveller. He was there when it all began, and he made the whole planet rock with Afrika Bam. He had Melle Mel's back when he was by the edge, and he used to wear them big suits with Talking Heads. And as God is his witness, or his name ain't Jack, he told AC/DC to come back in black.

''Most of the stuff that I've always loved and have really been inspired by, even though musically and artistically it sounds way different, at the end of the day the energy behind it all is the same,'' says Jack Splash, the mastermind behind ,Plantlife. ''We're just an extension of that energy. That's where that theory of Time Traveller came from.''

On Time Traveller, set for release on Decon Records, Plantlife mixes a little bit of hip-hop, funk, rock and R&B into something new, bold, and daring. As the group's resident genius, Jack Splash makes future soul that defies categorization.

In the wake of The Return of Jack Splash, Jack Splash has become a highly sought-after producer. He produced songs for Raheem DeVaughn's Love behind the Melody, John Legend's Once Again and Alicia Keys' As I Am. In 2008, you can find his handiwork on highly anticipated albums from Estelle, Missy Elliot, Solange Knowles, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Hudson and others. And look out for the ''Heart Attack'', his much-publicized pairing with Cee-Lo of Goodie Mob/Gnarls Barkley fame.

Plantlife Time Traveller Album Trailer by Ecclectic Method