Pentecostal Fangbread

CD Released On: Apr 15, 2008
Released By: FiveSixMedia

release description

Meshing a sound that could be described as "exotic hard bop," the intersecting personal and artistic friendships with members of TV on the Radio and Digable Planets gave them association and tutelage from a rich tradition of musical renegades. King Britt (producer, DJ extraordinaire and original Digable Planets DJ) decided that it wasn't enough for industry peers to be in a frenzy over Power Douglas: the masses needed to be exposed to them as well. Now signed to his FiveSixMedia label, the personal lives of the members of Power Douglas are mashed up, shrouded, and sacrificed on behalf of their full-length opus, Pentecostal Fangbread.

The 'Pentecostal Fangbread' LP is a paranormal judicial conduit of man's condition. Both featuring Tunde Adebimpe of TV on the Radio, "RVRSR" is an amalgam of chanting, tribal drumming and ambient chiming, while "Guillotine Mogul Wound" is a psychedelic punk poetry masterpiece over hip hop breaks. Co-written with Aku of Dragons of Zynth and Tunde Adebimpe of TVOTR, "Pangea" combines heavy, rock distorted bass guitar lines, vocals with the urgency of a fire alarm and a whirling dervish of jet engine sonics. Please disregard any familiar notions one may attach to a new band and just dive into the Power Douglas sound.

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"You've never heard of Power Douglas? That's okay. Just know that when Power Douglas hits you, it hits you. Signed to King Britt's FiveSixMedia, this NY trio of eccentric vocalist Furor Thin and multi-instrumentalists Tim Harp and Jesse Crawford composes a genre-bending hybrid of post-modern punk and hip-hop with Furor Thin howling and rapping about all kinds of weird sh*t over skittery beats. Think Kool Keith meets Public Enemy meets TV on the Radio, and then smash the f*ck out of what you think that might sound like." — XLR8R

"Power Douglas is a mania-addled force of nature spewing up ghost poetry over an endless and freewheeling drum solo. They're punk rock bellowed against a wall of Rhodes organ, or Antipop Consortium on acid, slap-bloxing with Miles Davis's ghoul. The details of their existence are kept shrouded in references to griffins and unspecified czars, but they're inarguably Brooklyn Borne, with three songs featuring Tunde Adebimpe (TVOTR) and no interest in reason whatsoever." — URB