Sol - Ananda Project Remixes

Digital Released On: Apr 22, 2008
Released By: Six Degrees Records

release description

This digital DJ promo features the Ananda Project remix of "Sol" (Sun), the first track on Asunción and a song which sets the spiritual tone of the entire album. On the album version, soft, sustained organ-like guitars slowly build in volume and intensity, hovering in the background as Kane's lilting vocal drifts through the air supported by chiming guitar chords, a sexy, throbbing bass line and crisp snare accents. Producer Chris Brann's Ananda Project "Valley Of The Sun" remix preserves the beautiful soundscapes and vocals of the original while infusing the track with the explosive energy of latin dance grooves, extended breaks, and magnificent drops. Stretching over nine minutes, the track is crafted perfectly for blending and mixing. Bringing you the remix, dub mix, instrumental, and the album version, this shining digital DJ promo is sure to warm up any dancefloor.