Love Is Dead

CD Released On: Jul 29, 2008
Released By: Island Records

release description

Born in Elva, Estonia, a tiny, then-Soviet occupied town of 5,000 people in the forest, Kerli grew up with a dream to escape from her surroundings. "Little creepy girl/Oh she loves to sing/She has a little gift-an amazing thing," she declares on the autobiographical, world music beat of "Walking on Air. "She will go and set the world on fire/Nobody ever thought she could do that."

Working with noted producer/mixer/songwriter David Maurice, whose credits include Garbage and JC Chasez, Kerli wrote the personal lyrics to all the songs, reflecting her amazing odyssey from a small town in Estonia across the sea from Scandanavia to major label recording artist. Her extraodinary resolve comes across in songs like the rocking "I Want Nothing" and the vulnerability mixed with bravado of "Bulletproof," while the hope of a better future comes across in the soulful R&B of "Beautiful Day" and the emotional moving "Butterfly Cry," in which she reveals, "I used to believe there was no lights/But I found out/Life is far too short to fight/Lose yourself/Let go your pain/Taste the air you breathe/And kiss the sky." And while Kerli has certainly made up for that lost time, she is adamant that pop stardom, fame and material success are not her goals, which she declares in the reggae rhythms of "Up Up Up" or the confessional "I Want Nothing." On Love Is Dead, Kerli is ready to share her amazing journey with the rest of the world.

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