Mind Fluid Radio Show Hosted By Kevin Beadle 5/19/08

Online Released On: May 19, 2008
Released By: Kevin Beadle

release description

James Brown - Sunny - Neter S edit (CDR)

Johnny Hammond - Los Conquisatadore Chocolates - Dimitri Re-Edit (Soul Source)

Sunburst Band - We Can Live Together (Z Records)

John Arnold & Jeremy Ellis - Nightlife (Future Soul)

Fela Kuti vs IG Culture - Rofo Rofo (CDR)

Altered Natives - Menahfro (CDR)

Two Banks Of Four - Shadowlands - Season & Sygaire Remix (Sonar Kollektiv)

Aaron Jerome ft Yungun - Late Night Mission - Daisuke Tanabe Remix (BBE)

Domu - Springbreak (CDR)

Moodymann - Technology Stole My Vinyl - Phlash edit (CDR)

Recloose - Catch A Leaf - MDCL Remix (CDR)

Theo Parrish - Second Chances (Sound Signature)

Phlash & Friends - Look At What We've Done (Dipiu)

Up Hygh ft Eska - Be Known - Owusu Remix (Tru Thoughts)

Arch_Typ ft Ahmad Larnes - Letting Go (Bagpak)