Black Triage

CD Released On: Jul 24, 2008
Released By: Waxploitation Music Corp

release description

Emerging from a 3-year hiatus, Teargas & Plateglass delve into the depths again with Black Triage. The band's new album resonates with the backdrop of genocide, combining stark breaks and haunting vocals, poignant strings and melancholy synths. Provocative and intense, these moments of silence evoke claustrophobia, not peace.

To compliment the visceral quality of Black Triage, the text for the booklet was penned by the renowned filmmaker Godfrey Reggio of Koyyanisqatsi fame.

Three highly acclaimed videos were produced for the album, which the American Film Institute called "a bold experimental vision."

"One Day Across The Valley"

"Plague Burial"

"Simplify This Landscape With Darkness"



"A bold experimental vision" — American Film Institute

"...Pave the way so the dark side can take its rightful place at the forefront of the genre" — URB

"Darkness mixed thick like a pool of blood...take with a stiff glass of Absinthe." — XLR8R

"Heavy visual stuff...sounds like the end of the world" — Danger Mouse (MF DOOM, Gnarls Barkley & Gorillaz)

"Restores my faith that deep, dark music still moves the masses" — King Britt