Three Way Intersection

CD Released On: Jul 15, 2008
Released By: Asahra Music

release description

Ave.To's Three Way Intersection is a conscious junction of hip-hop, jazz and soul but the name hints at many other interconnections that resonate through the project. The most immediately recognizable confluence is that of the electronic and organic worlds. It is not a new concept, as technology has propelled sampling to a legitimate artform and shaped popular music worldwide. Where Ave.To distinguishes themselves among collectives of a similar aim is in the equity of the exchange. It's not just some jazz musicians riffing over beat loops. Each tune is an integrated experience that tells a narrative. In the live setting, the drum machines, vocalists and instrumentalists of Ave.To converse fluidly.

Three Way Intersection is itself a collection of studies on intersections. The chopped sample tones and keyboard work on "Sand To The Beach" tease the listener to discern which is which, at least until the bass and beat interplay simply compel you to groove. On "Gallery Place" the drums sound like a jazzman locked into a hip-hop pocket while the horn and keys evoke Wayne Shorter and Zoe Zawinul. "Natural" turns drum 'n' bass into meditation. "Abuja" suggests broken beat flirting with afrobeat.

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Sand To The Beach