Sonic Diary

CD Released On: Jul 08, 2008
Released By: ZerOKilled Music

release description

Sonic Diary is a disc that exhibits her ability to engage and entrance. Think of this record as an electro-alternative mix tape; a collection of personal, evocative, tripnotic, genre-bending indietronica.

Her songs tackle diverse and intense subject matter including relationships ("Silence"), longing ("I've Been Waiting For You"), feminine world view ("Back Into My Mother's Womb") and social discourse ("50 Bullets Fired in Queens" about the Sean Bell shooting in Queens, NY, "Burqa" about the war in Afghanistan, and "Just Another Alien" - which contains lyrics taken from U.S. Immigration form).

Three mesmerizing covers, Johnny Cash's "God's Gonna Cut You Down," Fugazi's "Promises" and Italian star Rino Gaetano's "I Tuoi Occhi Sono Pieni di Sale" are true to the passion of the originals, but reinterpreted in shocking new ways. Also, look for a haunting, 14 minute bonus track, "Coming Home."