Kryptonite Pussy EP Digital DJ Promo

Digital Released On: Jul 22, 2008
Released By: Domino Recording Company

release description

The two girls of Yo! Majesty, Jewel B and Shunda K, have come from Tampa, Florida on a mission to bring good times, good grooves and a message that will make you question your preconceptions of what Hip-Hop should be. In a parallel universe, this is the true girl power message loaded with a heavy dose of Floridian reality and general looseness. Needless to say Kryptonite Pussy was never a Spice LP contender. Yo! Majesty are part of a new wave of music tapping hip hop's mainstream on the shoulder with their bold mix of sassy lyrics, different rhythms and global influences. Take this EP... Electro, Crunk, Funk, Punk, Rap. What would you call it? This is Hip-Hop as originally defined by Afrika Bambaataa's vision: music with no barriers just a good groove and message of either fun or thought. This is the real alternative, the real punk. The music and lyrics pull no punches. This EP's title track Kryptonite Pussy is classic Floridian electro, coming on like a female 2 Live Crew, but taking it to the next level. It's proud as hell in its stance and a great call to arms for the growing Yo! Army. 'Break Bread', produced by Ceri 'Sunship' Evans sees the girls get political over a deranged, minimalist, bashment beat. 'Monkey' sees the girls back on the floor in a sea of innuendo and jungle lust against the native electro rhythm of their home state. 'Hit It and Quit It ' (featuring Plastic Little) has to be one of the most shockingly powerful odes to safe sex ever, if this does not make you stop and think about your actions it's possible nothing will. And then there is 'Hey There Girl' a track simply designed to dance to. The thing to re-iterate about all this music is that it is real, it pulls no punches, it is Jewel B and Shunda K's lives, thoughts, ideals, visions. It is harsh but ultimately fun. Hell you are only here once! While none of these EP tracks are featured on their forthcoming debut LP Futuristically Speaking... Never Be Afraid but they are essential listening in that they tell the ongoing story of two of the most fascinating characters in music at the moment. This is the missing link between last year's Yo! EP and Futuristically Speaking... Never Be Afraid."



"Few acts combine rap music, pro-gay sloganeering and spiritual enlightenment quite like Yo! Majesty" — New York Times Magazine

"If punk was originally about defying labels, celebrating misfits, creating new sounds, and doing it all on one's own terms, hand-wringers about that genre should open their ears and listen no further. Because by those criteria, Yo! Majesty is the most punk fucking rock thing out there right now." — Miami New Times

"Yo! Majesty absolutely blew my mind. Shunda K & Jwl. B came out and tore into a set that was explosive, aggressive, and relentless." — Brooklyn Vegan

"Yo! Majesty's boss blend of Miami bass meets Southern crunk combined with devastating lyrics that shock, awe, and educate at the same time.. it's no surprise they're getting write-ups all over the globe." — East Bay Express