CD Released On: Jul 21, 2008
Released By: Lovemonk

release description

Gecko Turner is a truly unique artist from southern Spain. Born and bred in Extremadura, near Portugal, he fell in love with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan as a teenager, while also developing a deep feeling for Blues and Jazz music. In 2003, Turner released his debut album Guapapasea! on the Lovemonk record label (released in the US by Quango), an album that combined Brazilian beats, reggae, funk, soul, jazz and all the musical styles he had always loved. A musical cornocopia, the album also featured Gecko singing in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Guapapasea! was critically acclaimed as the best debut album of the year in Spain, receiving brilliant reviews and international recognition. The album's tracks were included in more than 60 compilations and rocked discerning dance-floors all over the world. His follow-up album, Chandalismo Ilustrado, was heavy on the funk, with highlife, Cuban rhythms, African roots and an overall soulful vibe. Gecko has received several awards for his work, and his songs have been featured in many TV commercials and movie soundtracks. All of these things have helped to establish Gecko Turner as one of the most important underground Spanish artists of today. Receiving raving reviews from magazines, DJs and tastemakers all over the world, Gecko's tunes bring you a little bit of sun, which is not something to be taken lightly!

As the DJs already know, distinguished producers around the world have done a fantastic job remixing Gecko's tracks over the past few years, but many of these remixes remained as vinyl-only releases. Now, as Gecko is hard at work on his new album, he is set to release a fantastic compilation of remixes, featuring a stellar line-up of some of the best producers in the game. Manipulado (Manipulated), brings you the previously released vinyl-only remixes by the acclaimed Phillip Owusu, Afrodisiac Soundsystem, Blackbeard, The Dining Rooms, and the groovy reedit by Gecko himself. But the album also include soon-to-be classic remixes by esteemed artists like Quantic, Seiji, Dublex Inc., Mexican Institute of Sound, Dutch Rhythm Combo, and Boozoo Bajou. While this diverse array of producers are guaranteed to light up any track, Gecko's impeccable songs remain the foundation that makes Manipulado one of the best remix projects of the year. Feel-good music that's always on the good side of funk.

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