CD Released On: Jul 08, 2008
Released By: Naked Music Recordings

release description

When Naked Music burst onto the scene in 1998 with their now-classic debut album, 'What's On Your Mind,' they never could have predicted that what started as a group of forward thinking musicians would go on to create a legacy that would change the landscape of electronic music over the following ten years.

The creative collective, fronted by Jay Denes (aka Blue Six), celebrates their latest album 'Re-Creation' with eleven brand new songs. Imbued with a new level of intensity throughout its downtempo jams, the album also showcases the eclectic soundscapes that Naked Music is known for: an alluring mixture of Soul, Brazilian, Electronic, and Dance music. This is a stylistic journey though the moods and sounds for which the legendary imprint is known - a beautiful new album for all of Naked Music's devoted fans, and very accessible to any new listeners who enjoy smooth grooves and summertime vibes.

'Re-Creation' reunites Denes with longtime collaborators Mark Anthony Jones (Summerland, Lisa Shaw), Dave Boonshoft (Blue Six), Saul Rubin (Aya), jazz legend Catherine Russell (Blue Six) and newcomer Tabitha Fair. This collection of funky and atmospheric gems is the perfect accessory for a summer day by the poolside or late night hangs at a downtown lounge. Tinged with smoky saxophone, grooving guitar, and deep bass, this is an album that will be sure to excite listeners of any stripe. It opens with "Pleasure Seeker", a super-sexy slow groove that sets the tone for the rest of the set delivering the signature sultry and soulful sound that defines Naked Music. From the percussive onslaught of "Heroin Chic", featuring the woozy vocals of Mark Anthony Jones to the Brazilian jam "Samba Contigo", 'Re-creation' is a fitting way to celebrate ten years of Naked Music.