The Story Of Us

12" Released On: Dec 04, 2001
Released By: Giant Step Records

release description

Seek stands out from the tepid background of modern music. Their roots lie in performing onstage. Their live sound and recordings fuse classic sounds with the latest cutting-edge musical styles. The soulful lyrics weave through jazz-inspired grooves, complete with a sound that is elegant in it's composition, inspirational in it's delivery, and like nothing else that you've ever heard. The sounds of Seek cross the lines of traditional music genres, conforming to just one: good music.

This 12" of "The Story Of Us" is the long-awaited follow-up to their first single, "Surrender". With it's groovy

instrumentation and sexy vocals, the original version sets the standard for the other mixes to match. Fortunately, Cottonbelly (Stuart Matthewman from Sade) and KemeticJust were called upon for remixing duties. Cottonbelly's remix is soulful and percussion-driven, while KemeticJust's remix is a

luscious blend of deep and dark vibes. Seek also turns in their own remix - a must for the soul-driven dancing