12" Released On: Dec 11, 2001
Released By: Giant Step

release description

Never short of pushing and redirecting boundaries, Nickodemus & Osiris have always been frontunners in the New York music community. Nickodemus has had much success heralding Turntables On The Hudson, while Osiris has seen success with his previous releases licensed to Future Sound of Jazz Compilations. As a duo they have created their own innovative and influential production sound. Their highly successful single,"Free Souls", introduced the duo on Giant Step Records and garnered them praise from dance critics worldwide.

As longtime fans of latin inspired music, Nickodemus & Osiris jumped at the chance to collaborate with up-and

coming, as well as legendary latin musicians for this 12". The title track, "Mariposa" (Spanish for Butterfly) highlights the voice of Si*S+ siren Carol C. Nickodemus and Carol C. had teamed up before on the classic and much licensed track "Cleopatra", released in early 2000. Giant Step/Luaka Bop's 12" release for Si*S+'s "Cuando", featuring remixes by King Britt, was a splash this summer worldwide. Traveling in the same New York DJ circles for years, Carol C. is more than a collaborator, but also a dear friend of both. The fruits of this collaboration resulted in this latin-tinged, NY style hip hop stormer, equally fitting for an uptempo hip hop dancefloor or a nu jazz chillout session.

As an extra treat, the B-side includes "Inside The Dance" - a fresh US take on the broken beat genre with a slice of House. The track features Puerto Rican legends Paulito Huertas (bass), Manolito Gonzales (congas), and Juansito Torres (trumpet), plus the vocals of Andrea Monteiro and guitar workings of Rhythm Love/Irma Recordings artist Zeb.

Nu-jazz or deep and meaningful dance? You really have to make up your own mind. All I would say is that this duo are really carving a cool niche for themselves in the world of black music. This is top drawer - oh yes, yes, yes! 5/5.

- Muzik, January 2002