Ananesworld EP

EP Released On: Aug 07, 2008
Released By: Tommy Boy / Vega Records

release description

In the increasingly merciless music industry of the 21st century, Anané shines bright as an example of what a love for life, dedication to music and hard work can bring worldwide success. Anané was born off the Western coast of Africa in the Cape Verdean capital Santiago, an unspoiled and exotic chain of islands brimming with vibrancy that has long prided itself on its African, Portuguese, Mediterranean, and Latin American customs and traditions. Anané's potential was evident from an early age as she fully embraced her own culture, and it was during childhood that her vocal ability was first realized. Following several successful forays into music throughout her teens, Anané moved to New York with nothing more than a bag full of clothes and a heart full of dreams. She soon met Latin House music star and now Grammy-Award-winning DJ/Producer Louie Vega, at once setting the wheels in motion for her talents to further develop. Impressed by her raw and natural talent, Vega featured Anané in the lineup of his prestigious Elements Of Life collective. Since then, Anané has spent years honing her skills on the live circuit. From the clubs of Miami and New York to European venues in Paris, London and throughout Italy, she has traveled the globe performing at some of the world's most respected festivals alongside Louie Vega and the Elements of Life collective. The famous entertainment empire Cirque De Soleil personally approached Anané to perform the opening song for the Super Bowl XLII pre-game show, watched by a worldwide audience of over 140 million people.

Having released a series of dance singles on one of the world's most respected independent imprints Vega Records, the multi-talented singer-songwriter is finally ready to release her debut album, Ananésworld. Now, the world is set to discover the heartfelt, soulful and eclectic musical stylings of one of music's shining lights. Having co-produced several tracks on Ananésworld alongside Louie Vega, Anané has also teamed up with some of today's most innovative and exciting songwriters and artists in what has been her introduction to production. The album features dance, reggae, rock, r&b, soul, world and Caribbean influences. Anané co-wrote nine of the songs with Grammy Award winner Lisa Fischer, as well as Duane Harden, Lem Springsteen, Kalu Montiero and Djim Djob. Other collaborators include Masters at Work, Mr. V, Louie "Lou" Gorbea, Bob Sinclair and Da Groove Doctors. Fellow Elements Of Life musicians Luisito Quintero (percussion), Mike Ciro (guitar) Jerard Snell (drums) and Gene Perez (bass) provide a fluid and powerful rhythm section, helping to make Ananésworld a labor of love that will further elevate Anané's star, reinforcing her reputation as an artist of ability and promise and - perhaps most importantly - emphatically demonstrating her lifelong commitment to her native roots.



"Combining earthiness with glamour and roots-deep house music knowledge with pop-wise diversity, Anané could be the first up-from-the-nightclub superstar since Madonna." — Billboard