EP - Excerpts from The Colored Section

EP Released On: Dec 13, 2001
Released By: Giant Step Records

release description

You may not know him yet, but get acquainted now, because Donnie will soon be a name on discerning lips everywhere. Like D'Angelo and Maxwell before him, Donnie is the latest in a line of talented 'nu-soul' artists emerging from the US who, as well as singing and playing a myriad of instruments, pen tunes worthy of their soul heritage. Hailing from Atlanta, Donnie comes from the same camp and fellow Neo-soulster India.Arie. His music is a testament to his gospel training and religious but liberal upbringing. His music bears the same love as his idols and influences, Donnie Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, his cousin Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Sarah Vaighn and Bessie Smith.

This EP is a pre-cursor to his full length debut, set for release Spring 2002 on Giant Step Records. This EP features the Original version of "Do You Know?", as well as the never-before-released Danny Krivit Edit, plus two new tracks, "Cloud 9" and "You've Got A Friend".