''Bem Ma Mi'' DJ Promo

Digital Released On: Aug 13, 2008
Released By: Tommy Boy / Vega Records

release description

Multi-talented singer-songwriter Anané, known for her collaborations with Louie Vega (of Masters At Work fame) and his prestigious Elements Of Life collective, is finally set to release her debut album Ananésworld, a powerful record that demonstrates the wide range of her talents and the diversity of her many influenes, from dance, rock and soul, to R&B, latin and Caribbean music. This digital DJ promo features the Louie Vega produced club mix of the grooving album highlight "Bem Ma Mi." Bringing you the club, dub and original mix of "Bem Ma Mi," as well as four more album tracks from the Ananésworld EP, this digital DJ promo is a special, early glimpse into the wonderful world of Anané.



"Combining earthiness with glamour and roots-deep house music knowledge with pop wise diversity, Anané could be the first up-from-the-nightclub superstar since Madonna" — Billboard