3 Inches of Music CD-Sampler

CD Released On: Oct 14, 2008
Released By: Luaka Bop

release description

Part of the 3 Inches of Music Series, Luaka Bop offers this little "get to know you" session with Brazilian soul singer Márcio Local. Soul and samba make for a perfect romance, and in this age of online and speed dating, you gotta make a great first impression before taking "the next step"; so Luaka Bop is following suit by presenting three great tracks from Márcio on this limited edition CD. Find out who this potential samba soul mate is by spending some quality time with the abbreviated release and look for the full-length album, titled Márcio Local says, "Don dree don day don don": Adventures in Samba Soul in March 2009.

Márcio Local stands at the crossroads of two great traditions in modern Brazilian music, with one foot in samba, the heavily percussive Afro-Brazilian dance music that took its modern form in the early twentieth century, and the other in soul, the African American music rooted in the blues that attracted a mass audience in Brazil in the 1960s and 1970s. Once regarded as a faddish import, soul music has been effectively Brazilianized such that it now constitutes a local tradition in big cities like São Paulo and Marcio's home town of Rio de Janeiro. Márcio has also discovered ways to combine these two traditions to forge new variations of samba-soul by exploring the ever-expanding modern soundscape of Rio. He is also something of a sensual romantic who makes music thinking about lazy Saturday afternoons at the beach, a game of soccer, the drama of sexual seduction, and the bustle of the urban scene. In this way, he belongs to another tradition in Brazilian music that celebrates the pleasures of everyday life and the redemptive power of a catchy tune.

Many of the reports from Rio today speak of narco-gang warfare, police repression, and the general dissolution of the social fabric. The denunciation of violence has inevitably emerged as a key theme in a lot of the contemporary culture of urban Brazil today. This context lurks in the background of Márcio's songs, but he constantly reminds us that Rio is also a place of beauty, revelry, and hope. These songs celebrate a Rio de Janeiro steeped in Afro-Brazilian traditions, yet constantly devouring and reinventing new sounds and styles. With "Samba sem nenhum problema," Márcio Local takes the stage as an inspired innovator of the samba soul tradition. In his own words, his music offers "a mixture of Jorge Benjor, Seu Jorge, Banda Black Rio, Wilson Simonal, but model 2008, 4x4 and turbocharged."

Tour Dates

Jan 8 - 6 PM Kennedy Center - Millenium Stage, Washington DC

Jan 9 - 10 PM Zebulon - Brooklyn, New York

Jan 10 - 12 AM Nublu, NYC

Jan 11 - 9:30 PM Webster Hall - GlobalFEST, NYC