You Kingdom You

CD Released On: Jan 13, 2009
Released By: The Hours

release description

They met in a plane crash. They learned to play in the swamps of Uruguay. Now, Fires Of Rome are slashing their way out with their debut album You Kingdom You. An ambitious musical venture made up of three brilliant minds that have acquired immense musical knowledge, and summed it up in a modernized version of that album they would have loved to hear. Tracks like "Dawn Lament," "Set In Stone," "I'll Take You Down," and "Love Is A Burning Thing" promise to bring you a wild adventure full of shining hooks, dark guitars and tantalizing symphonic arrangements. Fires Of Rome is David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Led Zeppelin, Cat Stevens, Prince, Sting, The Kinks and many more put together and remodeled for the perfect 2008 take on classic rock'n'roll.


"Precisely snarling guitars with outlandish vocal keening...every part was sharp, audacious, and in its place." — The NY Times