Ruckus Soundsysdom

CD Released On: Nov 11, 2008
Released By: Five Six Media

release description

The queen of the spoken soul scene is back, after a 2 yr recording break. Continuously touring to spread the words of hope, Ursula went back into the studio to come up the opus that is The Ruckus Soundsysdom!

Working with an amazing array of producers, Dego (4Hero), Rich Medina, Tim Motzer and of course King Britt, she continued on her quest for sonic bliss. The treat this album serves is the introduction of some of brooklyn's best female producer, something Ursula has always wanted. They include the electric Rucyl Mills, sound assassin Amatus and avant-soul duo FISHEYE.

The first single "Read Between the Lines," is getting fantastic accolades and spins by music lovers worldwide! Executive Produced by King Britt and Ursula, herself, the album brings together raw emotion, love and sensuality, unlike any other Ursula album.

So all aboard the Ruckus Soundsysdom! TURN IT UP!

Out now at Five Six Media and iTunes on November 11th.