We Will Never End

CD Released On: Nov 12, 2008
Released By: Harmonia

release description

Critics around the globe saluted this release with enthusiasm and have unanimously recognized Vladimir Cetkar's rare talent and ability to express himself independently as a guitarist, vocalist, arranger, composer and producer of the highest order.

Like a time machine, We Will Never End first brings you back to the glorious music era of the 70's and 80's, when bands like Chic and Earth Wind and Fire ruled the music cosmos, then Vladimir's unique sound, original music expression, and contemporary production lead you to the present and portend a strong future for this genre.

In essence, Vladimir Cetkar's latest release may be described as his original music cocktail, incorporating a pristine distillate of the Jazz/Soul/Funk and Disco sound of the late 70's and early 80's.

We Will Never End is packed with lyrical melodies, sophisticated harmonies, sweeping strings and tight horn arrangements, powerful vocals and virtuoso guitar performances - all written and executed by Vladimir himself.

With his passion, energy and multi-talented musical persona Vladimir Cetkar is certainly one of the most promising names in today's Jazz/Soul/Funk music scene.

Live at Debrecen Flower Carnival

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"Now that's real magic." — Nu-Soul Magazine