Volume 1: More Remixes

Digital Released On: Nov 19, 2008
Released By: Convincing Woodgrain

release description

Following on the heels of their full-length debut, Portland beat-slinging duo Soulphonic Soundsystem has unleashed their latest digital-only single featuring remixes from some of their favorite producers. NYC's Turntables On The Hudson-founder Nickodemus (ESL, Wonderwheel) jump starts the sitar driven "Eastern Market" with a fierce four-on-the-floor tabla driven beat, while Germany's Deela (Switchstance Records) lays the perfect backbeat for Valida's vocals on "The One" to move the track from the headphones to the floor. For the finishing touch, Brighton's Will Sumsuch (Latenight Lounging) takes a trip into abstract terrain with his interpretation of the previously unreleased "Miso." Bringing you all three remixes from the single, this digital DJ promo is sure to keep dancefloors worldwide in motion to the vibes of Soulphonic Soundsystem.