O... Saya

Digital Released On: Dec 11, 2008
Released By: N.E.E.T. / Interscope Records

release description

Echoing the sound and commotion of Mumbai, India for the beginning of Danny Boyle's intoxicating new film Slumdog Millionaire, the rumbling hybrid of Bollywood and hip-hop "O... Saya" is a brand new collaboration between the film's internationally renowned composer A.R. Rahman and the notorious M.I.A. -- one of the most interesting tracks on the forthcoming soundtrack release on Interscope Records, the track (like the film) conjures the sound of a city, fusing the frenetic scramble of daily life into beautiful fugues that ride upon the dust clouds kicked up by its everyday people. In light of the tragedy that the wonderful metropolis of Mumbai has recently experienced, this film and its soundtrack are a welcome, insightful look inside one of the most amazing cities on earth.