What Of Our Future

CD Released On: Mar 03, 2009
Released By: The:Hours / Fontana

release description

After receiving massive praise in the blogosphere, and fresh from a slew of Daft Punk support slots gaining immense success and attention across Europe and Japan, come Cazals. One of the most talked about British bands, these London boys are set to release their debut album What Of Our Future on the pioneering new label The Hours. These charming British lads: Phil (vocals), Luca (guitar), Martin (Bass/Producer), Warren (Drums) and Daniel (Guitar/Manager) have been among the driving forces behind the London music scene. As hosts of their own "Cazalised" party, guest bands would include Bloc Party, as well good friend and tour-mate Pete Doherty. Having toured with Babyshambles and flying the British Indie rock flag across Europe, it's now for time for Cazals to unleash their hooked filled rock club hits upon the US.

Cazals were the first non-electronic group to sign with label du jour Kitsune, run by former Daft Punk manager Gildas Loaec. He signed the band after hearing their ode to teenage rebellion "Poor Innocent Boys," then added the single on the infamous Kitsune Maison collection, which received critical acclaim. One thing led to another, and soon the boys were living in Paris, recording their highly-anticipated debut. The result is the self produced pop masterpiece What of Our Future.

What Of Our Future opens with the anthemic "New Boy In Town" - the perfect antidote to endless, faceless guitar bands - before unfolding with "To Cut A Long Story Short." Next comes the strutting guitar driven track of their new single smash "Somebody, Somewhere," a potentially massive hit with a huge pogo-inducing chorus that stamps it's authority all over the place. The centrepiece of the album sees the band at their most experimental with "Comfortable Silence" a beautifully weird wall-of-sound track that would have the likes of Phil Spector drooling. Along with the brilliant "Life Is Boring," the French pop perfection of "'We're Just The Same" and the razor sharp "Both Sides," this is an album that is set to silence the critics and skyrocket the band in 2009.

Tour Dates

Mar 6 - The Studio Webster Hall - NEW YORK

Mar 10 - Cinespace - Los Angeles, California

Apr 15 - L'Ubu - Rennes

Apr 16 - Le Bataclan - PARIS

Apr 17 - La Cooperative de Mai club - CLERMONT FERRAND

Apr 18 - Le Ninkasi Kao - LYON

Jun 18 - Blender Theatre - New York



"An amazing album of future-guitar-dance-pop" — NME

"Arguably one of the most exciting bands in Britain at the moment...an almost perfect album" — Gigwise