When The World Comes Down

CD Released On: Nov 18, 2008
Released By: DGC / Interscope Records / Doghouse

release description

Following-up their double-platinum album Move Along (2005), The All-American Rejects' eagerly awaited third album When The World Comes Down is the band's first project with veteran producer Eric Valentine, known for his work with multi-platinum artists Maroon 5, Smash Mouth, Good Charlotte, Queens Of the Stone Age, and more. "It's what we were put on this earth to create," says frontman Tyson Ritter of the album. "This record hasn't been smooth sailing," confesses the band's co-founder Nick. When The World Comes Down was conceived from one end of the country to the other - from a secluded cabin in the Georgia wilderness (where "Mona Lisa" came to be), to a little place that Ty and Nick have on Florida's Gulf Coast ("Real World"), to the back of a bus cruising Interstate 10 ("Breakin'"), and yet another road trip (this one to Vancouver, for the lead single "Gives You Hell"). AAR's first duet, "Another Heart Calls," features the hypnotic vocals of The Pierces, two sisters from Alabama.