got Mojo?

CD  Released On: Apr 27, 2009
Released By: Gedion Soldiers/Keynote Records

release description

Alpha-male Mojo Morgan is going on the prowl solo. This cornerstone to the Morgan Heritage super group is taking his message and morphing it into a new hybrid. got Mojo? is an alternative record, but one that's heavily influenced by rock, hip-hop, and reggae. This is rasta-rock as only Mojo can do it - there's still the same consciousness and lyrical importance, but got Mojo? does it with some serious groove, a la Jack Johnson meets 311 meets Bob Marley.

There's something for everyone to get on got Mojo? - there's the standout party track, "Tonight," and the cover of The Police classic, "Roxanne" recreated with reggae. The mellowed-out and sexy, "Till the End" features vocals Mischu Laikah & Laza is perfect for the soul lovers. "Petrified" is an exceptionally relevant song of the times that addresses issues of domestic violence; lyrics like, "Another day with shades, oh what a disgrace, black and blue is not the color of love," really make the issue tangible.

got Mojo? is a manifestation of all the experiences that make Mojo's mojo. He grew up in the rough-and-tumble neighborhood of Bushwick in Brooklyn, New York and went on to live in the stability of a Massachusetts suburb. However, his Jamaican roots were always an important part of Mojo's style. His father is the legendary reggae artists Denroy Morgan and the group Morgan Heritage had regular play on BET, VH1, MTV and national and international radio. Surrounded by sessions of intensive vocal and instrumental training, Mojo was exposed to everything from the godfathers of Roots Reggae to Top 40 American Radio. got Mojo? chronicles Mojo's evolution from reggae to his own new definition of Rasta-Rock.

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"As a core member of Reggae super group Morgan Heritage, Mojo Morgan needs little introduction and his musical talents are beyond reproach... Mojo has begun to go beyond the group to showcase his considerable musical and vocal skills." — Fast Lane International