We Are To Answer

CD Released On: Jun 09, 2009
Released By: ESL Music

release description

Returning from extensive interstellar travels the Ancient Astronauts drop their eclectic debut album We Are To Answer! Marking a foray into new territory for ESL Music, We Are To Answer is a melting pot of funk, dub reggae, and pure unadulterated hip-hop. Featuring vocal collaborations with Bootie Brown and Imani of legendary hip hop group the Pharcyde, Azeem, Tippa Irie, Bajka, Phat Old Mamas, Ulf Stricker, Raashan Ahmad and Entropik, We Are To Answer is a block rockin' boom-bappin' sonic tour-de-force!

Free download: "I Came Running" (right-click, save as)