CD Released On: Sep 15, 2008
Released By: Blue Fields Records

release description

Lizz Fields brings forth her latest feat, PleasureVille (2008). Lizz teamed up with co-producer Tristan Leral to create a refreshing collage of songs. This new accomplishment is not just a follow up to her debut album; PleasureVille stands as the undeniable proof of Lizz's evolution as a performer, songwriter and producer.

As the listener, you are taken on a dynamic journey through PleasureVille. Influenced by the grit of blues and funk and the sweetness of soul and jazz, Lizz and Tristan deliver an album that goes beyond the boundaries of mono-stylistic expression. From the title track's story about Lizz rescuing her beau from the entanglement of today's tech-filled life to "Brooklyn Flowers", an anthem about kids growing up in Brooklyn, to her sexy affirmation that "It's OK to Love Me", Lizz has created something magical and special from the most sincere of places. PleasureVille is a place we can all relate to and love.

Commanding her audience's attention and wooing them at the same time is a unique essence that few possess and Lizz does just that. Many have had the opportunity to experience her live performances in venues such as the Blue Note in New York City, The Jazz Café in London, the St Lucia Jazz Festival, the Montreal Jazz Festival, NJ Performing Arts Center and the Fort Greene Festival in Brooklyn. Often infusing storytelling with her penchant for spontaneous vocal-play as if she were a 4th or 5th instrument, Lizz is truly set apart from the modern day songbird, live or recorded.

All aboard! The next stop is PleasureVille!