Why Can't We Live Together feat. Petra Phillipson

12" Released On: Jun 04, 2002
Released By: Giant Step Records

release description

Never short of pushing and redirecting boundaries, Nickodemus has always been a frontrunner in the New York music community heading up the popular Turntables On The Hudson parties. Together, with production partner, Osiris, they have created their own innovative and influential production sound. Their highly successful single, "Free Souls", introduced the duo on Giant Step Records and garnered them praise from dance critics worldwide. They continued their success with "Mariposa" - a collaboration with Carol C. from Si*Se - that solidified their talent as producers.

Now, Nickodemus & Osiris return with their new single on Giant Step Records, "Why Can't We Live Together?", a remake of the Timmy Thomas classic. Affected by the events of 9/11, Nickodemus & Osiris needed a venue of expression. Featuring

Petra Phillipson on vocals, the tune conveys the timeless message of peace and acceptance. Pork Artists' Baby Mammoth weigh in with a great remix, balancing the package.