In Love & War

CD Released On: Jan 01, 1970
Released By: Feenix Rising Ent / Def Jam Recordings

release description

Multiple award winning RIAA platinum singer and songwriter Amerie has completed her premiere album for Def Jam Recordings (her fourth career album), entitled In Love & War.

Never one to follow another's lead, Amerie's In Love & War is an aggressive mix of trunk rattling hip-hop, raw soul reminiscent of James Brown, and classic Zeppelin-era rock 'n roll. She managed to turn the tumultuous times of her past relationships into a moving collection of songs, which will resonate with anyone who has ever been on the wrong side of love. Anticipation for Amerie's new album reached a fever pitch when In Love & War's head-nodding first single "Why R U" debuted on her MySpace site, and NYC Hot 97 radio DJ Funk Master Flex caught the buzz when he played "Why R U" for 15 minutes straight. The single was produced by the Buchanans, who have produced tracks on all of her albums. "Why R U" is about being in a relationship and hating that you're so attached to this person," explains Amerie. "A lot of the songs on this album deal with wanting to be done with a relationship but you're just not really ready to leave, so you hang around and wait for a person to change. I really wanted the lyrical content to be real conversation. I didn't want anything to be sugar-coated." Other producers on the album include Teddy Riley ("Tell Me You Love Me"), Sean Garrett & Eric Hudson ("Heard 'Em All"), Jim Johnson & Rico Love ("Swagback"), and Brian Michael Cox ("Red Eye").

While it is often said that "all is fair in love and war," not much is mentioned about the place where the two intersect. With In Love & War, superstar Amerie proves she has survived the twisted road to that inevitable collision, and lived to sing about it.