Come On, Come On EP

Digital Released On: Oct 01, 2009
Released By: God Within Recordings

release description

Dance music legend Scott Hardkiss unleashes an extra-special package with the 2nd EP off his highly-acclaimed full-length album, Technicolor Dreamer.  "Come On, Come On" is reminiscent of Scott's groundbreaking early work "Raincry," blending funky breakbeats with a dreamy, uplifting & atmospheric vibe and futuristic electronics. He's taken the vibe to the next level with a heartbreakingly beautiful vocal by the much-loved Lisa Shaw of Salted & Naked Music and a soul-dripping track that's already being hailed as a future classic.  Presented along with the DJ-friendly Original, Instrumental, & Acappella mixes, the EP also includes extraordinary club remixes from two more of the world's finest DJ/producers. 

The legendary Joaquin "Joe" Claussell of Body & Soul and Sacred Rhythm puts his hands, mind and spirit on "Come On, Come On" and came out with over an hour's worth of multiple mind-blowing mixes. This digital DJ promo includes his sunrise-ready "Sacred Rhythm Suite," a truly magnificent 15-minute epic journey that's bound to become an organic house classic, gorgeously weaving together Lisa's voice with live piano, Latin guitar, tribal percussion & African choir "The Voices of Mali," as well as an accompanying instrumental version. Yet another modern NYC master, Morgan Geist of Metro Area and Environ fame, gives the song his own classic electronic feel with his retro-futuristic remix in a techno/new-wave style that brilliantly reworks Scott's own vocal contribution & synth arpeggios together. The 80's flavored beats, synths & sounds bring the track simultaneously into nu-disco and New Order territory.