Travelling Like the Light

CD Released On: Feb 02, 2010
Released By: Capitol Records

release description

VV Brown is a dynamo self-starter: a songwriter and producer; an absolute trouper through two European music festival seasons; a fashion maven with a retail website devoted to her personal eye for retro style in the 21st century, and even a model. In 2008, VV signed to write and produce her own album Travelling Like the Light which was released in UK in 2009. After receiving trailing glowing reviews and performing unforgettable original songs with fresh, pulsating retro-flavored rhythms behind her every live and televised appearance in her U.K. home base, VV is scheduled to release the exuberantly creative debut album in the US.

VV's smart, fluent, intuitive fusion of timeless influences shines throughout this album of highlights: ''Crying Blood,'' with its primal punch and futuristic speed-freak energy; ''Shark in the Water,'' an impressive pop composition made extraordinary through its contemporary interpretation of our collective pop memory; the eclectic yet coherent ''LEAVE!''; the charming 60s west-coast-style stroll ''Bottles;'' the blithe, "Heart and Soul"- quoting ''Crazy Amazing;'' and the heart-tugging title track album closer.

To tune in more precisely to the quirky yet emotionally resonant references of the album, think more Shangri-Las (as in the intro to the pounding "L.O.V.E.") than Dusty in Memphis. And certainly, think more the jagged, intensely-felt psychodramas of Ellie Greenwich/Jeff Barry/Phil Spector/George ''Shadow'' Morton (''Back in Time,'' and the achingly sincere, classic-styled ''I Love You'') than the sleeker confections of Holland- Dozier- Holland. Moreover, VV's generational identity can be heard woven into the album in the unmistakable indie and DIY feel of her compositions, particularly in the punkish energy of ''Quick Fix,'' and the transformed P-Funk elements of ''Game Over.''

With Travelling Like the Light, she does justice to a long tradition of strong, individual female voices that have had the power to define their times -- Alicia Keys and Amy Winehouse, prominent among VV's immediate inspirations. Since the European release of her album in mid-2008, VV has left an exciting visualtrail of official video clips and fan-posted television, online, and festival appearances all over the cybersphere. In all of these, she's an absolutely luminous presence, vocally, visually and creatively.



"a perfect pop cocktail" — The Sun UK

"Crying Blood and Bottles are Spector-ish pop as slick as her black pompadour, and her gospel-trained vocal shines through on every track" — Elle

"2009 is going to be a big year for doo-wop-singing, diddley-bow-plucking indie soul diva" — Time Out