American Mystic

CD Released On: Apr 29, 2008
Released By: Obliqsound

release description

Modern folk guitarist, vocalist, and song-crafter John Shannon believes in the power of music to enlighten the mind. Starting with an exploratory meditation trip in the southwestern desert some years ago, John Shannon discovered his tender sound, rooted in nature and the earth, and translated it into his debut solo album, a subtle masterpiece called, American Mystic, out on Obliqsound. Having already toured the globe with some of the brightest rising stars in indie rock, folk, and jazz, including Sonya Kitchell, Haale and Hiromi, Shannon's recent solo work and debut album, American Mystic, have taken him on a journey into his own soul and beyond.

Throughout American Mystic's 10 songs, the intimacy and universality of Shannon's songwriting is exposed via his feather-light whisper of a voice. He toys with the timing in his phrasing so that a word might arrive after a slight delay or extend into the next chord change, and his intricate, closely-miked, layered guitar lines complement those words, merging with them seamlessly. His ethereal, contemplative songs are one-on-one, personal narratives. Beginning with "Forgiveness," the album's opening track, Shannon sets up a template that he continues to explore more deeply with each new song as the album unfolds. Continuing Shannon's musical voyage are three more choice selections from the album: "Forgiveness," "Golden Eagle," and "Among The Sea, Among The Star."

If there is one obvious commonality between American Mystic and Shannon's prior electric work, it's the sense of freedom and adventure he brings to it. Around each turn is another surprise.

Tour Dates

Oct 23: Somewhere (remixes) release party @ at Sub:culture party at Tailor, NYC

Featuring live performance by John Shannon and by DJ Eric Kupper (Doors, 7 pm, performance: 9 pm) FREE SHOW!

Oct 30: Rockwood Music Hall, NYC (7pm)

Nov 15: Levontin 7, Tel Aviv, Israel (10:30 pm)



"It's a stripped-down, ethereal set: just an acoustic guitar and Shannon's whispered, barely-treated vocals. The track titles give some insight into Shannon's nature-first brand of mysticism, while the music itself slides neatly next to other 21st century hushed folksters like Damien Rice. An impressive and stately debut." — eMusic

"Suspended guitar arpeggios and an airy voice. Somewhere between John Martyn and Nick Drake, this American songwriter delivers a hypnotic and timeless premier album." — Le Monde