CD Released On: Nov 25, 2009
Released By: Blue Fields Records

release description

In 2003, Lizz Fields emerged with her instant indie classic album, By Day By Night. In 2008, Lizz carved her musical space with PleasureVille on Blue Fields Records. She embraced the grit and the grind, a stylistic fete that grows with each listen. Full speed ahead, Lizz Fields transmits another beautifully crafted message in her unexpected remix album, re-PRODUCED. Originally deemed a side project, re-PRODUCED was created by Lizz Fields and partner, Tristan Leral, co-piloting the boards and the mic.

Lizz refreshes her take on trademark tracks from By Day By Night and PleasureVille, as well as unleashing previously unreleased cuts. Hear the epic, Notre Dame Cathedral-feel of "When I See Love" (The Journey Remix) and the role call, call-out of Brooklyn Flowers (Transatlantic Remix). "When I See Love" (The Journey Remix) sets a haunting tone in a mix of electro-ambient sound-scapes, redefining Lizz's words of love hoped for. "They Say" (You're Livin Remix), a remix of a yet-to-be released cut, has an overwhelming emotional release. The arrangements transform and merge dub, lounge, hip-hop & house along its journey. If you are a music explorer, a soul-liberator, a remix-head or just an aficionado-in-training, enjoy. Offering much more than simple cut & paste-work, this unexpected soundscape comes with a healthy dose of evolving beats, zapping bleeps and tried & true, live organic elements.