CD Released On: Nov 03, 2009
Released By: DGC Records / Interscope Records

release description

The collaborative nature of Raditude is in the collective spirit of the Weezer's experience on their last tour. "It feels like an extension of all the fun we were having last year with the Hootenannies," explains Rivers Cuomo, referring to Weezer's innovative supporting tour for The Red Album. Inspired by the old folk sing-a-longs of the '60s, Weezer invited fans onstage- hundreds, at times- to play the band's songs, teaching them the chords while Rivers, Brian Bell and Scott Shiner sang.

With its rollicking communal spirit, Weezer's latest offering can be viewed as a natural progression from those resulting impromptu jam sessions. Raditude sees the band partying with Lil' Wayne, hitting the clubs with Jermaine Dupri and bringing in a host of Indian musicians to push the band into a psychedelic, spiritual dimension. Within these 10 songs lie boundless possibilities and ceaseless excitement, proof that Weezer remains a band that defies easy summations and can never be taken for granted.

Part of Raditude's charm comes from its thrilling unpredictability. No song offers an indication of what's next: Weezer inverts Jermaine Dupri's hedonism on his Cuomo collaboration "Can't Stop Partying," spinning it into a minor key that gives it an underlying ironic tension; the band pounds out a classic arena-rocker with the gleefully lascivious "The Girl Got Hot;" they ride a sleek electro groove on "I'm Your Daddy," while "Love is the Answer" builds slowly, surely to its swaying anthemic close and "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To" kicks it all off with its clanking acoustic guitars and Motown beat, setting the tone for an album that's filled with infectious melodies. As Cuomo says, "It sounds like a roomful of people having a great time." But more than that, Raditude is Weezer's wildest, weirdest, best record yet.