Keyboard City Remix EP

Digital Released On: Dec 08, 2009
Released By: Various Music / Quannum

release description

Salvador Santana, the 26-year-old keyboardist, vocalist, composer, and songwriter makes a splash with his single "Keyboard City." Cut with Beastie Boys collaborator Money Mark, the original track layers reedy, synth atmospherics, icy-cool electronic keys and a smooth-as-butter beat underneath Sal's awesomely zonked-out Vocoder-heavy vocals. This digital DJ promo packs not only The Hood Internet remix featuring GZA, but also the Dan Deacon remix of the Hood Internet remix - done, of course, in Dan's inimitable synthed-out style. Topping it all off is Mathieu Schreyer's electro-booty breaks remix. Chocked full of rock, funk, R&B and traditional Latin rhythms, Salvador's album Keyboard City drops early next year.