Paper Tongues

CD  Released On: Mar 30, 2010
Released By: A&M Octone Records

release description

Paper Tongues plays for the people. Fusing massive rock n' roll melodies with fiery hip hop beats, the Charlotte band conjures an infectious, incendiary sound on their A&M Octone debut. Paper Tongues - Aswan North, Devin Forbes, Cody Blackler, Joey Signa, Clayton Simon, Jordan Hardee and Danny Santell - was officially born in 2007 on the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina. Embracing elements of rock, funk, rap and soul, these seven individuals have created something you haven't before. It's music for dancing, crying, loving and living. This record is their first masterpiece.

Paper Tongues' eclectic sound ranges from bombastic songs like "For the People" that can light up a packed arena or a dance floor, while the soulful electronica-infused "Trinity" is inspiring and invigorating. Guitarist Devin Forbes comments, "Our music is extremely eclectic because we're all coming from different places. Aswan grew up with hip hop, Clayton grew up with electronica and I grew up with rock, but it all comes together fluidly in Paper Tongues."

Working with producers Brian West (Nelly Furtado, K'NAAN, Bela Fleck), Mark Endert (Maroon 5, Gavin DeGraw, Madonna), John Fields (Switchfoot, Jimmy Eat World), Billy Hume (Ying Yang Twins, Bone Crusher, David Banner) and up-and-comer, Nicolas Balachandran, Paper Tongues crafted an album bustles with energy. However, there's a deeper purpose for the band as Keyboardist Cody Blackler explains, "it's rock music for sure, but we also want to bring something new."

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