Si Me Quieres / If You Love Me

CD Released On: Jan 12, 2010
Released By: Clipped Records

release description

Gemma Genazzano debuts with the release of her highly acclaimed debut album Si Me Quieres / If You Love Me, out now worldwide. Gemma Genazzano has been called a "Latin Soul Goddess," and for very good reason. Living between Barcelona and New York, she has been captivating audiences with her irresistible voice, Spanish lyrics, exotic melodies, and sensual soul rhythms. The video version of her single "Take Me Away" aired on HBO Latino and HBO Zone, and Gemma dazzled NBC's Today Show with her live performance of the song. Additionally, two singles from the album were featured on episodes of ABC's All My Children.

Gemma is a red hot Latin Cinderella story in the making. Her unique, sultry sound reminiscent of Sade is an independent grassroots success story that continues to build in momentum. With an empowering message of female sensuality, she connects to audiences of all sexes with original soul lyrics. The New York Post raves about Gemma's, "velvety voice that melts men and does her seducing in Spanish and English." She purrs, "I want to be a symbol for women everywhere that it's OK to be sensual - in fact, it's absolutely mandatory! There's a goddess inside every woman just waiting to be discovered."

Marlon Saunders, international soul artist best known for work as a vocalist with Bobby McFerrin, Sting, Madonna, Michael Jackson and more, leads background vocals and is featured in a love duet with Gemma called "Show Me Who You Are." Mr. Saunders also produced, arranged and co-wrote music and lyrics with collaborators Gemma and the band's stellar lead guitarist Greg Dayton.