Love Supply

CD Released On: Jun 29, 2010
Released By: Ultra Records

release description

German-born and French-raised cosmopolitan singer with Caribbean roots, Oceana joins soul music of the '60s with modern beats and contemporary texts on her debut album, Love Supply. Oceana connects black to white, funk to soul, modern soul to jazz and pop. Oceana uses her personal experiences in her lyrics to sing about desire, love and life.

Growing up as the child of a working musician, Oceana got the chance to meet some legendary entertainers at a young age, including James Brown's famous saxophonist Maceo Parker. Last year, Maceo finally made her start thinking about her own career as a vocalist. "He gave me the deciding push! Over the years I had kept writing my own material, but after a concert, Maceo said to me, "You're ready now; do your own thing!" Luckily this sentence took seed and she did not forget it. She started working in London on several songs and traveled to New York to record her debut album Love Supply. Suddenly things started to move quickly. The team worked well and they produced a fantastic album in a short period of time, which mixes the finest soul-pop, funk, R'n'B and reggae to make the rounded, international-sounding, top-quality album.