Mixed Race

CD Released On: Oct 05, 2010
Released By: Domino Record Co

release description

Recorded in Paris, where Tricky has been residing for the past two years, Mixed Race is his most passionate album to date. Musically his production work takes influences from UK, Jamaican, US, North African and French music. He sets out on his music mantra with the album's lead off track, "Every Day," and then proceeds through a lyrical journey with temptation, reflection, mischief and misbehavior.

Tricky titled the album Mixed Race as being of mixed race is what he believes has been the single biggest influence on his music. He said of his new collection "You sat down at the table in my house and you saw every color. It's made me much more open-minded than I could've been. I come from both worlds. I've been blessed because no-one can put my music in a box - it's not black, it's not white, it's not female, it's not male. I've spent my life going between cultures; Mixed Race is about that, and in a very direct way."

The album was produced by the artist himself and features as always an array of talented singers and collaborators. Mixed Race introduces Irish-Italian Frankey Riley, as well as guest appearances from Jamaican singer Terry Lynn, Primal Scream front man Bobby Gillespie, lutist/vocalist Hakim Hamadouche, London-based vocalist Blackman and Tricky's brother Marlon Thaws, who is the thirteenth of his fourteen siblings.



"'Mixed Race' brims with well-formed songs played and sung with clear-headed emotion. The Kid's penchant for guest vocalists is alive and well and his choices are inspired..." — Filter

"The range of different musical styles here is stunning, with Tricky drawing on every aspect of his heritage, including Jamaican musical influences, combining them all to produce what could well be his definitive artistic portrait. Tricky - he's back." — ArtRocker

"Tricky flits between Daft Punk-lite (Kingston Logic, Time to Dance), etheral chain gang blues (opener Every Day), Eastern ragas (Hakim), lounge-ska-jazz (Come to Me), and stoned-groove hip hop (the Peter Gunn Theme-sampling Murder Weapon) so seamlessly that that in itself is a remarkable feat." — Record Collector

"Mixed Race might clock in at under thirty minutes, but it's loaded to the cusp of explosion with dozens of jump-cut ideas..." — The Fly