Wasted In Jackson

Album Released On: Jan 01, 1970
Released By: Universal Republic

release description

Wasted In Jackson is the brilliant result of Lauren Pritchard striking out on her own. Produced by Eg White in his West London studio, highlights include the raspy, R&B-meets-gospel swagger of "Not The Drinking" and "When The Night Kills The Day," a haunting, bluesy shuffle featuring the eerie sound of an ancient Steinway piano belonging to Ed Harcourt (who co-wrote the song) and the elegant playing of hip young folk-slingers Mumford And Sons (whose frontman Marcus Mumford produced the song). In "Not The Drinking," Lauren sings that it's "not the drinking, not the drugs, not the money" that's driven her away from love. "The break up, the relationship, gave me this piece of work. Looking back it was a great thing because it broke my heart and I bounced back from it. It didn't absolutely kill me."

"Stuck," she says, is the oldest song on the album, and is the only one that makes her feel overly emotional. A retro-soul classic in the making, it's also the song that reminds her most of the music she grew up listening to courtesy of her parents: Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, The Spinners, The Temptations.

"Wasted In Jackson" is the song that's dearest to me because it pays homage to a place that I love - not everyone who hears the song may agree with me! But also because it refers to what inspired the whole record. Being wasted in Jackson - had that not be the case, nothing else would have happened.