The Fonk Record featuring Tiz & the Fonkie Planetarians

Album Released On: Oct 26, 2010
Released By: Rendezvous Music

release description

Before his untimely death last year Wayman Tisdale was ready to show the world a completely different side, one that was 12 years in making. With a not so hidden passion for funk music, The Fonk Record featuring Tiz & The Fonkie Planetarians was a true passion project for Wayman Tisdale. Featuring 11 all-original songs, Tisdale's own funky vocals and a crew of funky musicians, The Fonk Record also includes three very special guest stars with extensive funk resumes - George Clinton, George Duke and Ollie Woodson.

Inspired by great funk artists like Bootsy Collins and Robert Wilson of the Gap Band, Tisdale decided to create his own funky moniker and band - Tiz and the Funkie Planetarians band, along with their source, Stinky the Sock. "He always wanted to make funk music. People are going to see a whole 'nother side of Wayman on this record—he was on a mission to play as hard and funky as he could," says Derek (DOA) Allen, who produced The Fonk Record and was one of Tisdale's closest friends.

The funk begins with "The Introduction," in which Tisdale welcomes listeners to "WTIS .. where it's not simulated, it's authenticated." The first collaboration is "Let's Ride" featuring George Duke, who wields his magic dukey stick on some hard-charging synthesizer solos while Tisdale channels his best Larry Blackmon of Cameo. Next is "This Fonk Is 4U" with the unmistakable vocals of George Clinton, and the late Ollie Woodson of the Temptations joins Tisdale on the slow-jam "Been Here."