GPWW 12/29/10: John Legend, The Roots In Conversation & Worldwide Family Mixtape

Online Released On: Dec 29, 2010
Released By: Somethin Else

release description

Lasse Fernloff - The Chameleon (Rca)

Yaron Herman Trio - Airlines (Act)

Raphael Gualazzi - 3 Second Breath (Gp Remix) (Test)

Maybach Music 3 - Rick Ross

Jay Electronica - Jazzmatazz (Guru Tribute) (White Label)

Jesse Boykins 3 - B4 The Night Is Through (Alala)

Kheti - Rainbow (Alala)

Bilal - All Matter (Plug Research)

Ben Sidran - Now I Live (And Now My Life Is Done) (Blue Thumb)

74 Miles Away Feat Ahu And Miles Bonny - Same Dream Again (Brownswood)

Takeo Moriyama - Watarase (Denon)

::John Legend & The Roots In Conversation::

The Roots — The Day (
Def Jam) 

The Roots — The Suits 
(White Label)

The Roots — Head (White Label)

Kanye West — Blame Game Ft. John Legend 

Duffy — My Boy (Polydor)

Alice Russell — For A While (
White Label)

Big Boi - Shutterbug

Onra - The Perfect Match (Brownswood)

Floating Points - Marylyn (Eglo)

:: Worldwide Family Mixtape - Lone::

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Vhs Head - Ident (Skam)

Lone - Dolphin (White Label)

Adonis - No Way Back (Trax)

Lone - Risottowe 4 (Magic Wire)

Nitro Deluxe - Let's Get Brutal (Cutting Records)

Kashif - Baby Dont Break Your Babys Heart (Arista)

Black Dog Productions - Caz (White Label)

Lone - Blossom Quarter (White Label)

Sl2 - Djs Take Control (XL)

Koreless - Up Down Up Down (Pictures)

Prommer And Barck - Sleeping Beauty (Derwin)