New Comer

CD Released On: Sep 24, 2002
Released By: PIAS America

release description

Llorca goes deep. Real deep. Not unlike another infamous Ludovic - St. Germain, aka Ludovic Navarre v Ludovic Llorca's stylish, French house-inflected, jazz-kissed, classy cuts have that little something extra. Call it heart, call it depth, call it beauty. Call it all of those things, but most importantly, call it soul.

Eardrum-licking deep house grooves are abound on New Comer, Llorca's debut album for France's F Communications (brought to the states via Play It Again Sam America). Vocalists Nicole Graham ("Indigo Blues"), Mandel Turner ("I Cry"), and Lady Bird ("True to Me," "My Precious Thing") and their resplendent performances take Llorca's music to the next level. As melancholic, yet universal lyrics rest on Llorca's juicy, luscious layers of instrumentation, New Comer clearly marks the arrival of today's newest imported masterpiece.

Llorca got his start at the age of 11 composing soundtrack music for Commodore 64 games created by his father. From that experience, he mastered the art of putting music to visuals - proof that his music also works the other way around, conjuring up instant, arms-open-wide imagery. Despite his penchant for working with electronics, Llorca's living, breathing orchestrations are fleshy, sexy, vital, and organic. Llorca designed New Comer himself on Fastracker, a computer-based composing software that allowed him to take the bulk of his production out of a studio environment and into his bedroom - a much more fitting place for such a sensuous album.