DJ Promo

EP Released On: May 09, 2011
Released By: Interscope / Mosley / Zone 4

release description

Texas born, North Carolina raised Timothy Bloom's pure, natural talents as a singer/musician are gushing to the surface by way of The Budding Rose EP. It's the dynamic precursor to the multi-talented artist's debut album, In Full Bloom, out in August on Mosley / Zone 4 / Interscope. This digital DJ promo features the EP's sultry lead single, "Til the End of Time" with singer/songwriter V. Bozeman. Fusion - peppered with soul, gospel and country - courses throughout the EP's other unforgettable tracks: "Tabitha" (the nickname for Bloom's ever-present guitar), the empowering "Possibilities" and the rock anthem "This May Be.

Watch the video for "'Til The End Of Time" directed by David Rodriguez.