Cry Love

Album  Released On: Sep 13, 2011
Released By: Azucena Songs / Half Note

release description

Cry Love is the artistic statement that Maya Azucena has sought to make since day one. The Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter's impressive versatility unfolds over ten original compositions plus a dramatic interpretation of "Little Ghetto Boy." Executive-produced with her longtime collaborator Christian Ver Halen, and released on her new imprint label, Azucena Songs, Cry Love represents a powerful journey that distills the universal themes of love, survival, and hope into 50 unforgettable minutes.

An anthem for justice, the title track, produced by Pete Miser, is steeped in Maya's concern for humankind and constitutes the album's core concept. Her desire to inspire, empower, and embolden listeners saturates both the edgy groove of "Warriors" and the sanguine sway of "Near," as well as her gripping duet with distinguished singer/pianist Chris Rob on the Donny Hathaway classic, "Little Ghetto Boy." Taking a page from Maya's own life, "The Half" is a harrowing tale propelled by no less a rock legend than guitarist Vernon Reid. Emerging triumphant from near tragedy, she invites dancehall icon iNi Kamoze aboard for a victory lap on "My Back's Not Up Against the Wall" while the glistening, acoustic qualities of "Belong to the Sun" furnish another standout cut. The songs are all unified by a remarkable depth and stunning musicality.

Threaded throughout Cry Love is Maya Azucena's belief that music is a tool for healing and activism.

Maya will be giving a special performance & workshop at The Bronx Museum's First Fridays Series on December 2nd at 7 PM.


"...storytelling lyrics and soulful, soaring vocals." — Billboard Magazine

" Chaka Khan and Roberta Flack." — NY Post

"...voice is so sensuous and sultry...with inspirational themes." — Washington Post

"Armed with a powerfully compelling voice, Azucena just could be the most impressive of the current hip-hop/soul/r&b diva crop..." — Village Voice

"Her personal mission to uplift the masses helps her avoid genre clichés, while crafting a sophisticated set of diverse R&B." — Okayplayer