Chasing Clouds

Album Released On: Sep 30, 2011
Released By: Eskapaden Musik

release description

The album title, Chasing Clouds, is a poetic metaphor to symbolize not only the music that Sepalot produces, but also the impulses that led him to create it. His instincts are fueled by both the power of the moment and his sentimentality for the past - elements that he unites unmistakably in his music.

While many of his contemporaries - still on the search for a new sound - scour Electro and EuroTrash for their pickings, Sepalot employs a very different approach. Chasing Clouds represents song-writing by means of virtuous sampling. Scratching vinyl merges with large string ensembles and churning basslines. As though constructing a mosaic, he dissects melodies and rhythms into their smallest elements and recombines them to create a new musical masterpiece. Chasing Clouds is a successful marriage of futuristic and retro sounds.

Tracks like "Poppin" - a incendiary dance monster - leave no doubt as to the extent of Sepalot's club-DJ experience. It is the bastard child of decelerated synth-sounds and sultry LoFi-Hip Hop beats. At the opposite end of the spectrum, the jazzy "Can't Feel Nothing" sees impulsive rhythms converging with atmospheric shreds of vocals to create a song whose real nature evades us - just like the clouds to whom the album title is dedicated. The title of one particular track highlights Sepalot's primary intent while producing this album: "Walk With Me."



"Slap your mother in the face if you haven't heard about it." — Fashawn

"Dope as f**k" — Kaptin Cardiff of

"One of the hottest producers in the world." — Saigon

"This album is sick bro." — DJ Vadim